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City wheels. Revolights.


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City Wheels are the next step up from Revolights’ last release : Revolights City v2.0. The only difference is that City Wheels are custom bicycle wheels with built-in LED’s and City v2.0 is the same LED system that is meant to be mounted to an existing bicycle wheel. These Revolights products give a bicyclist 360 degrees of visibility when riding at night which makes night time bike travel much safer for everybody. The LEDs are programmed to sense the speed the wheels are turning and uses that information to power the LEDs facing forward (for front wheel) and backward (rear wheel) so your path will be illuminated no matter your speed. The lights are powered by rechargeable batteries which can keep the road illuminated for up to 4 hours on a single charge.

producer: revolights
period: 2013

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Category/function: cycles · gadgets · outdoors · Producer L > Z · safety & special needs · sports · travel

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