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Bafworks. Big ass fans.


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When it comes to running your facility, you’re the top dog. The big cheese. Master of your domain. So shouldn’t you have a fan controller that makes your Big Ass Fans bow to your every whim? The BAFWorks control system is for you.

BAFWorks enables you to network and control all of your Big Ass Fans from a single location. Not a techie? No worries, the system’s intuitive software package makes it simple to learn and operate with just a tap and a swipe – no instruction manual required. This sleek interface makes controlling your fans easier than ever, which translates to year-round energy control and savings, as well as real-time information about fan operation, right at your fingertips.

While the BAFWorks may look delicate, standing up to an industrial environment is all in a day’s work, and password protection gives you the option to keep you facility’s air power in your hands alone.

– Multi- touch screen is bright, responsive and incorporates common finger swipe controls
– The instantly compelling software package is elegantly designed for speed and tactile interaction
– Intuitive programming allows even the least tech-savvy to master the control without needing a guide
– Currently available for all industrial fan models
– Includes 9.7-inch multi-touch display with 1024-by-768-pixel resolution
– Includes wall mounting bracket
– Network up to 32 individual Big Ass Fans, or an unlimited number of grouped fans
– Password-protected interface to prevent unauthorized use
– Customize the name of each fan in the facility display for easy identification
– Start or stop fans individually, or control all the fans on your network at once
– Full-speed control for each fan or entire network
– Individual fan status display
– Includes alarm output contact for integrating fans into fire control panel
– Animated fan icon confirms a quick visual of fan type and speed
– Schedule a fan or group of fans to start and stop at user defined intervals

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period: 2012

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