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Xo collection grater. Tools design.

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The design of the XO Collection grater is an expression of a time in which cooking is becoming more important again and is celebrated on a high level, and the freshness and quality of food plays a central role. An essential functional as well as ergonomic advantage of this grater of high stylish appeal is the fact that it provides good grip yet rests firmly on the table, both while in use and when not being used. Thus it stands close by for effortless grating at any time while cooking.

Although showcasing a light and elegant look, this grater is highly robust and is equipped with fine yet extra sharp cutting surfaces in stainless steel for performing most grating and slicing tasks in the kitchen. Another highly sophisticated design aspect of four graters of different size is that, when no longer in use, they can be stacked to conserve space and thus easily be stowed away in a cupboard or drawer. Together they hardly need more space than other single graters do. Products such as the Eva Solo XO Collection grater are proof that inspired thinking about apparently “simple” things can also bring forth a new product quality.

designer: tools design
producer: eva solo
period: 2011
design award: red dot 2011

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Object ID: 18311
Category/function: awards · gift idea · kitchen · Producer A > K · stainless steel

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