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What a melon tent. Luke bonner.

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Pop art enthusiasts, soul foodies, and vegan grizzly bears, prepare to have your minds blown. The Watermelon Tent is a fantastically realistic slice of summer’s finest, that’s more than just a kitschy showpiece. Designed by Luke Bonner, and manufactured by FieldCandy, the mouthwatering camping companion comfortably sleeps two, and comes with two layers of outdoor cover. Its inner tent, a 100% cotton, fire retardant white sheath, is easily erected with snap-together poles, and secured to the earth with extra strong pegs, made of hardened, won’t-bend-on-you aluminum. The watermelon overlay is completely waterproof–tested to a minimum of 3,000 mm Hydrostatic Head–and promises to keep its human contents dry even during the most unfriendly of weather conditions. Outer sheets are also treated with Ultra-Fresh, an anti-fungal and anti-bacterial agent.

designer: luke bonner
producer: fieldcandy
materials: inner tent 100% cotton, aluminum

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