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Scissors. Nendo.

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Have a bunch of magazines?

Whether it is Print or Cosmo., after you are done reading them you most likely send them into exile at a shelve or a compartment of your desk, table, etc. Now ask yourself, why not trap them in a spider web? Well this is what the designers at Nendo thought of, or at least something similar.


A magazine rack formed of flat steel bars arranged on the diagonal at a slight variance, so that magazines can be held in place in the spaces created between them. It’s hard to see the difference between the parts of the rack that support magazines from below and the parts that keep them from sliding out in the front and back. As a result, the magazines look as though trapped in a spider’s web.

designer : nendo
period : 2012

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Object ID: 13832
Category/function: display & wayfinding · furniture · home office

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