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Project 818. Nouphone bansasi.

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Project 818 is all about new horizons for the team at Factory Five Racing. Using the very latest technology to engineer new levels of performance and bring this experience to an entirely new generation of car-builders here in the U.S. and all around the world.

Winning 818 concepts from Factory Five-Grassroots Motorsports Design Competition.
New Technology: The latest Solidworks CAD technology is being used to design, test, and make the car. The body, chassis and sub-systems have been designed 100% on the computer. New technology in the design of tools and molds, and in the CNC manufacture of the frame and welded parts. New technology in the forming of composite body panels which enable a no-paint finish.

New Markets: It’s a global marketplace and the 818 is destined to bring the Factory Five experience to a whole new group of people, not just in the U.S., but all over the world. Designed to be affordable to build, right or left-hand drive capable, and with components that are readily available in other countries, the 818 is Factory Five’s first “World Car”. But it’s not just exporting the FFR experience to other countries… at the same time we are also inviting an entire new generation of Subaru-knowledgeable car-builders to the Factory Five community.

New levels of Performance: At a lithe 1800 lbs., (the 818 stands for 818 kg or 1800 lbs), the newest Factory Five has a performance envelope unlike any Factory Five to date. Benefitting from the latest technology in flow analysis, chassis and suspension tuning, and an optimized mid-engined design with proven Subaru boxer engine architecture, the 818 will redefine FUN driving.
Factory five always set their sights high, and in so doing, have achieved great things. The goals of the new Factory Five 818 are 100% in line with this philosophy.

Sub 10 grand kit price, REAL complete car price under 15 grand, 1800 lbs. completed vehicle weight, World Class performance AND looks, and Engineered to be BUILT.

designer: nouphone bansasi
producer: factory five
period: 2012

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