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Nao head torch. Petzl.

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The high-performance Nao Head Torch is the latest addition to the Petzl stable, with innovative, self-adjusting lighting that chooses how bright the beam should be. Reactive Lighting technology in the rechargeable Nao Head Torch adapts two high-power LEDs instantly and automatically to your needs, resulting in fewer manual interventions and a longer battery life.

This is the first Petzl headlamp to use the self-adjusting Reactive Lighting; you tell it which of two modes to select, and the Nao does the rest.
Choose ‘constant mode’ and this is essentially a traditional torch – you can alter the light intensity, but it stays at its original brightness regardless of where the beam is aimed. In ‘reactive mode’ however, a built-in sensor picks up how much light is reflecting off whatever you’re looking at and adjusts the brightness accordingly, ensuring that everything is as brightly lit as it needs to be.

Using Petzl’s own software you can set how reactive it is, how bright or dim it needs to be and how wide or narrow the beam is. This guarantees that battery life is optimised, as the torch is never brighter than you require. Your chosen settings can then be stored and selected depending on your activity – allowing you to have a mode for climbing, another for walking, one for running, and one for general use around the home.

producer: petzl
period: 2012

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