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Akoya. Lisa airplanes.

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France-based Lisa Airplanes has released its single engine ski-plane named Akoya, which features a unique fuselage/hull design that includes “Seafoils.” The Akoya can operate from land, water and snow. The Rotax-powered aircraft will carry 18.5 gallons within a range of 680 miles. A mid-2012 LSA certification has been planned by Lisa. Lisa Airplanes also offers tailored services, such as pilot training for three types of landing, personalization of the aircraft, three years of maintenance and full-time customer assistance.

designer: lisa airplanes
producer: lisa airplanes
materials: steel
period: 2010s

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Object ID: 15563
Category/function: aerospace · Producer L > Z · steel

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#1 William Irby on 12.26.14 at 2:52 pm

I had a Lisa Akoya land in front of my house on Lake Martin in Alabama on August 8, 2014.