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DC26 vaccuum. Dyson.

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Dyson proves that good things do come in small packages with the DC26. Although the Dyson City vacuum weighs less than some laptops, it’s incredibly tough. Each of the 275 parts of the Dyson City vacuum were re-engineered by Dyson specialists to miniaturize the technology, so it works just like a full size Dyson vacuum. The patented Root Cyclone™ technology spins dust and dirt out of the air using centrifugal force, which means there’s no loss of suction, unlike some bagged vacuum cleaners. 13 small inner cyclones deliver superior efficiency in as little space as possible – keeping air velocity high and energy consumption low, while the turbinehead with ultra-fine carbon fiber brushes reduces static and removes dust from hard floors.

producer: dyson
materials: polycarbonate
period: 2010

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Object ID: 3818
Category/function: maintenance · polycarbonate · Producer A > K

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