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Bistro electric blender stick. Bodum.

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The Bistro electric blender stick is quite the handy kitchen utensil as it serves as a 2 speed blender, is made of stainless steel and comes equipped with a synthetic body. The blender features a striking knop pattern, allowing for recognition of the product while supporting the comfortable grip of the material itself. Available in a plethora of colors, the mixer set is very versatile and allows for the preparation of children’s food, drinks and soups. The blender itself is heat-resistant and is made to use directly in pots, pans, bowls and glasses and can be cleaned in hot water. Overall, the design features a consistent, well-balanced usage of color and shape which allows this item to be a great pleasure to use.
producer: bodum
period: 2011
design award:  red dot 2011

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Object ID: 12277
Category/function: awards · kitchen · Producer A > K

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