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Ampera electric car. Vauxhall.

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Sleek, well proportioned and eye-catching. The Vauxhall Ampera makes a bold, futuristic statement while reflecting a signature blend of sculptural artistry with precision engineering. As well as looking great, the Ampera’s sporty aerodynamics help maximize the distance it can cover. The fascia has been designed to optimize airflow and the rear has a specially created spoiler.

Good all-around vision, a driver-focused cockpit, ample space, head and legroom for four adults, and a basic luggage volume of over 300 litres have been brought together to give an outstanding travelling and driving environment.

Limited range is a familiar argument against electric vehicles. With the average commuter in mind who uses their car for under 25 miles a day which is well within the electric capability of the Ampera. To cover this distance needs a charge from a standard 240 volt outlet. This takes just about six hours if you’re using the standard 10A cable. For most commuters, this means driving most of the time on battery power alone. A unique E-REV system of the Ampera means you can travel a further 310 miles, which makes it ideal as a single car for most households.

producer: vauxhall
period: 2012
design award: European Car of the Year 2012

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