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Teneo storage furniture. Birsel plus seck.

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Most office filing cabinets leave something to be desired when it comes to their aesthetic. The Teneo line is a breadth of fresh air, both elegant and lightweight, a far cry from the usual metal bulky box form. Herman Miller came to Birsel + Seck to fix this problem. After analyzing a box form Birsel + Seck conceived the Teneo line by developing an analogy between a box and the human body. They decided the box should have a skeleton, organs and skin and soft edges were essential, which they achieved by using four sections of bent aluminum, which are removable and lightweight. The storage system recently received the Best of Competition award at Neocon for Best of Filing and Storage. Teneo comes in many different vivid color contrasts, muted hues and modern metals, with surfaces ranging in wood, sand texture, wood veneer, and metallic finishes. Each piece can be separated and no glues or adhesives are used in creating furniture, which makes Teneo 86-99% recyclable.

designer: birsel plus seck
producer: herman miller
materials: wood, metal, with high gloss or metallic finishes
period: 2008
design award: best of neocon 2008, international design 2008, spark

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Category/function: aluminum · awards · green · Producer A > K · storage systems · wood

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