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Levante mixer tap. Rodolfo dordoni.

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Italian architect and designer Rodolfo Dordoni certainly has a handle on fine tap design. It’s not until you spot something like this sleek creation for Piedmontese brand Fantini that you realise just how much the right tap can add to your overall bathroom aesthetic. Whether attached to the shower wall, or rising sinuously off the washbasin (washbasin version pictured), the ‘Levante’ tap almost seems to levitate, its gently angled lever exquisitely poised for lift-off. Once again, Dordoni demonstrates his penchant for unobtrusive touches, inserting a flash of white enamel between the level hinges.

A harmonious relationship between the mixer knob and body, an innovative proposal tor co-penetration of the two volumes exploring a possible alternative to the usual superimposition of one over the other: the basic idea behind the Levante proiect, a series of taps and iittings designed by Rodolfo Dordoni tor Fantini unveiled at the last Salone del Mobile, is to create a collection thot maintains the necessary ergonomic qualities while at the same time offering a more homogeneous image. The distinctive design of the single-hole mixer tor the sink, the true iconic element representing the collection, is harmonisecl by sharing the same lines, softness and radiuses for the volume held in the hand and the dispenser nozzle directing the ilow of water. The control lever repeats the shapes and lines of the nozzle, overlapping it with a surtace that also includes and amolgamates the section oF the body. The new showerhead contirms the careiul study ot detail and the delight oF combìning diFierent materials characterising all the items in the series and are particularly assocìated with the “Dordoni style“.

designer: rodolfo dordoni
producer: fantini
period: 2012
material: brass
finishes: glossy chrome

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